To my husband


When I leave you

You are alone

My car pulls out

The house is dark


Inside you sleep

But you are awake

You keep watch

You keep them safe


You are by yourself

The bed an empty space

No one to hold you

No one to keep you warm


I am awake

Wandering corridors at work

I care for others all night

But I am not with you


You are my strength

You guard our treasures

You are their rock

You are our foundation


But you sleep alone

I walk alone

Our paths cross so briefly

We live far apart


Yet our hearts are one

We work as one

Symbiotic organisms

Each half of the other


And our home is warm

A place of love

A house of peace

A source of joy


When I come home to your arms

My world is calm

You fill me up

Our hearts are one.

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