Letter to my children

I’m sorry you missed the first day of grade 5 today, my girl, and I’m devastated that you will miss your first day of kindergarten tomorrow, my big boy. This isn’t how life was supposed to go. You weren’t supposed to experience hardship in childhood. You were meant to have a peaceful and stress-less development. I was supposed to be able to protect you, as your mother, from sadness and distress.

But I can’t.

I can, however, protect you from sickness. I can keep you safe from disease. Your dad and I have chosen to keep you home with us to shelter you from this sweeping pandemic that has rushed like a wrecking ball into our world. We will help you learn at a distance from your peers, but connected by the same screens we often hate. We will sit with you, encourage you, emotionally support you. I vow to do this, to the best of my ability as a mother and a person.

When this is all over you will still have missed this special transition to new grades, new phases of life. You will be behind socially. You will have to work even harder than normal to integrate into a group. You will feel left out. You will cry. I know this. But I also know that you are both sweet, smart, friendly and are learning resilience. You are fighters, survivors, like I am. You will break through the barriers that covid has erected, and you will become the people you were always going to be.

Let’s enter this journey together, my loves, and we will come out the other end stronger as a family and as people.



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