Second wave

Deep into it

Kids are distance learning

I am working cold zone

On December 16 I received my Covid-19 vaccine! First dose of two, and I feel stronger already.

I feel weaponized.


A bit safer.

Less vulnerable.


But I also feel sad, frustrated and impatient, waiting for my family to gain the protection that was handed to me.

Until Elie is immunized we won’t feel safe sending the kids back to school; until my parents are vaccinated I won’t feel safe enough visiting them. I can still catch and transmit this awful virus, and God forbid my family’s safety is jeopardized because of me.

But I feel so much less afraid.

For the first time in 9 months I believe I will survive this pandemic.

For the first time, I live my days without a waking nightmare of myself on a ventilator.

I can see the end of this, and the days beyond Covid.

And it gives me so much hope.

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