All it takes is an instant, one moment, one nick in the tissue and it’s over. One rip, one rend, the fabric opening so finely then suddenly tearing – spilling a life, emptying a vessel. The aorta, largest vessel in the body and most explosive, a ticking time bomb without sound. A silent assassin, pulsating innocently until one day, one millisecond in time, it destroys. Life-giver, bringing blood and oxygen to each cell, and life-taker.

And that’s it. A life, so many years of growth, love, things beyond measure, gone in a flash of blood and tears and emptiness. Leaving a void, unimaginable to the ones left in the wake of the red tide inside you. You are gone, without even the time to say goodbye.

The aorta – nightmare of the emergency physician, demon of my dreams.

One thought on “Red Tide

  1. Dear Sara,

    Always happy to hear from you, however briefly and impersonally. Nevertheless, I would welcome a more detailed and personal communication, with some information about your spouse and the children. So, if you have the time and patience, do write to me.

    Warmest regards and good wishes for a healthy winter,



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